Weatherhead’s – Do the Double

Yorkshiremen are noted for both being sceptical and looking after their money. Andrew Weatherhead is true to that philosphy so when someone offered him free hot water he both tempted but suspicious.

Taking a leap of faith Andrew had a DK Heat 120 litre capacity storage tank with a 6kW internal heat exchanger. The system installed by The Jordan Group Manchester stores 120 litres of free hot water which can be replenished every hour. The system was so successful that Andrew has recently had another system fitted at his Pateley Bridge Shop. The new system also has a 120 litre storage capacity and a 120 litre an hour hot water production capacity.

The heat exchanger is double twin wall design which ensures that even in a failure situation that the refrigerant and water can never come into contact with one another. This is a legal requirement under EN1717 for any business handling food.

The system is simplicity itself, maintenance free, having no moving parts it is highly efficient due to the innovative design of the heat exchangers that can remove up to 100% of the energy produced by the refrigeration plant.

DK believe that there is no better testimony to the systems efficiency and cost saving than the approval of a canny Yorkshireman.

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